Utility Solution Design

Project Overview

Client was a utility connection service providing company, who want to build a mobile application that will give their customers order for new connections or repairs through mobile. The services are already ongoing. Just need to convert the business process in an application form.

My Role

User Analyzing РUser Flow РJourney Mapping РWireframing 


Finding a utility connection provider for a new connection are often a painful process. And most of the time it takes a lot of steps and need to go a lot of places for documents and registrations. And something you ended up having a bad provider, because you are not able to verified a provider with their reputation. 


The solution is to bring all the utility service providers in one platform and give them the ability to choose the right fit for them, based on the offers and reputations. It will also help the provider to improve their services and get more clients.


The goal is to provide all the users and smooth and easy experience. There will be 4 types of users who will interact with each other. The user floe has to be consistent in every action. Also, important to minimize the additional steps and gives the ability to order of service in few clicks as possible.

User Activity Chart

Having four different type of users is the most challenging thing. But one I created the goal and activity chart for each of them individually, the overall process becomes 10x easier. I also create a small persona for individual users as well.

Journey Mapping

Designing the right flow was so important in this scenario. So, I’ve tried to make the user flow easy and accessible for all the users.




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