Online Learning Platform

Project Overview

Client was looking for an ultimate platform for the online learning community. He wanted to have 3 different types of users and make them interact with each other. Usually, only students are supposed to be present there but in this case, students, teachers and mentors are present. That’s why, the goal was to come up with a structure that give all the users an ability to complete their actions with a smooth experience.

My Role

Research – UX Design – Information Architecture – Wireframing- Visual Design & Prototype


Students nowadays are learning more online. But there’s not enough guideline for them to choose the right course or concept that fits him/her. On the other hand, industries are looking for the prefect candidate for the job, but they are unable to monitor the candidate’s activities. So, there is a need to connect them together.


So, the solution was to provide students the ability to learn new concept with proper guideline and to provide mentor the ability to monitor student’s activity to pick the right candidate for their company/job. But typical mentors are not capable to teach the students. So, there’s a need for some qualified teachers who will provide useful concepts and courses for the student and mentors to help the students to pick the right one for them.


The most difficult challenge is to design a flow that will Integrate 3 different types of users together. Not only that, there is a concern about their user experience. There must be no primary or secondary users. All users need to be treated the same and to be provided their interface separately. Being able to connect all 3 of them was the most difficult challenge for me.









• Task Flow

• Journey Map

• Information architecture • Hi-Fi Wireframing

• Prototype


• Branding

• Style Guide

• UI Design

User Interview and Survey Result

First, I needed to find out the market demand and the best way to find it is by utilising user survey. So, I put a list of around 15-20 question and sent them to client to send it to his targeted audience. Then we got 10 participants and here’s some of the key information’s we have found.


Participants didn’t learn or attend in any online course or training program before.


Participants want the course to be a LIVE CLASS and not a recorded one.


Participants who want to do freelancing after learning a course. 


Participants think, having a mentor as a guideline will help them to pick the right cource.


Participants don’t want a subscription based learning platform

competitor analysis

There are already thousands of online learning platforms out there. So, it’s difficult to come up with something new which is different and unique. So, instead of focusing on the unique features, we tried to make a list of the competitor and their overall conditions. It helped us to find the overall structure of market supply.


After getting all the data from users and competitors, we have come to understand the overall market demand and supply. It was found that, there’s more supply than the demand. So obviously it’s a challenging thing to keep up. But, due to the advantage of targeting a specific group of people, and already having a community that are willing to join, it should not be a big deal. The only goal is to come up with a good structural solution for that.


User Goals and Activity Chart

User Flow

Having three different users are pretty complicated to create a perfect flow. Nevertheless, we’ve tried to make the user flow as simple as possible in order to provide an easy experience for the users.

Information Architecture

Information architecture


Tried to make the wireframes as high fidelity as possible, so that I don’t have to work on the details while making the prototypes. 


Functional Prototype

branding and style guide

interface design

client feedback

“I really liked working with him. He wanted to understand the concept of the site. He delivered mock content that was relevant to the site. I was able to instantly use this in demo’s after he was done. It looked great, I couldn’t have asked for more.”

– Jeremy Legacy


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