Business Management Solution

A dashboard that gives you the opportunity to manage

all business transactions in one platform

Project Overview

Client was facing a warehouse management problem due to not having a proper management system. So, they wanted to buy a management software. But the cost was too much. And most of the modules are not really that useful. So, they decided to build one. They have a small developer team who can help them to build it. But the problem is, developer don’t have enough knowledge about business management system. So, they are looking to design their product by someone who have the business management experience.

My Role

Convert the EXCEL sheets into dashboard, Design the structure of the software, build a functional prototype.

Project Goal

The overall goal is to get rid of the old spreadsheet system and provide a software that does all those things but in some platform. And also design a dashboard that will give the user an overall condition of the business at a glance. So instead of using tons of sheets, they can just put all in one bucket.


• Collect data sheets

• Comprehension

• Information architecture

• Wireframing

• Prototyping




The challenge was to implement all the transitional actions that spreadsheet has, into an easy to interact interface. The first think that I did was, I interview the stakeholder how the process actually works and what are the key action for them. And I convert all their key actions into individual modules. And put them all together in one section. So, they can easily shift from one to another.

Information Architecture


I designed the wireframes mostly to get a structural idea about the product. That why went with the low fidelity wireframes. Most of the dashboard structure kind a look same. So I focus more on the functional prototype.


Interaction Design


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