Glad that you came here. I’m not an expert in those filds. So I can’t really suggest someone to do something. But I can share my thought with you. Maybe it will be useful one day.


So I’ve started my journey as a freelancer for about 5 years now. Gone through so many ups and downs so far. Started as a graphics designer and finally land on UX UI designer.
So I was looking for some way to get some money online. And as usual I tried to find the easiest way to do it. I found there’s some task such as data entry and email marketing which doesn’t really need that much experience. 


It’s been around 4 years since I have become a UX UI designer. I have gone through so many ups and downs in this short period of time. So here’s a list of some common mistakes I’ve done before and you should avoid.


1. Always ask if the client want only the design or they want the development also. Sometime client expect front-end development as well. So make it clear before you start.


2. Don’t over promise and under deliver. Always under promise and over deliver.


Is UX/UI is the right fit for you? There is no simple answer to that. Some people thing in order to be a designer you need to go to art school or have some kind of degree on that.

That is something pulling back some people for being a UX/UI designer. Because they thing designer mean you have to draw thing.
Okay, you are kinda right. But a career in UX/UI is more then just drawing and design things. It’s a lifestyle.


The most common question people ask as a product designer is “where to start”. Because there are so many steps to do in order to design a product. So people often got confused. I saw some people design the UI first, them start changing it. Horrible move. Doctors should not write the prescription without asking the patient their problems. Design UI first is the same thing. It will look good. But the think I saw the most that “we are not designers” so there is no need to design first.


Think about a scenario. You went to the doctor and he started writing the prescription. After that he asked you your problems. Designing UI without UX is the exact same thing. If you don’t know that’s the problem how do you thing you design is the solution.

UX make a huge impact on a product success. Having a proper UX research and design can also save some valuable time. So it is obvious that you do the UX right.
I myself didn’t use to give it priority before. I use to think a good looking design is all we need. But the more I learn about UX the more important it feels to me…


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