Journey as a freelancer

So, I’ve started my journey as a freelancer for about 5 years now. Gone through so many ups and downs so far. Started as a graphics designer and finally land on UX UI designer.


So, I was looking for some way to get some money online. And as usual I tried to find the easiest way to do it. I found there’s some tasks such as data entry and email marketing which doesn’t really need that much experience. But I used to have some decent Photoshop skills back then. So, I decided why not do something using Photoshop. So, I created some gigs in Fiverr where I was offering some small Photoshop editing task.


But you have to wait for a while in order to get an order in Fiverr. It wasn’t working for me. So, I tried some other platforms. Like freelancer & Upwork. In Upwork you have to bid in order to get a project. But they will charge you some credit for every bid. So, I ran out of free credit quickly but didn’t get any project. So, I give freelancer a try. They also have a bidding for project system. But they also have a contest system. So, I applied for some contest. I won my first contest within one week. Maybe I was lucky. But that gives me a boost to submit more entries in contest. Then I won a contest for a website design. But I just submit a banner for the website. I don’t have any web design experience back then. So that client was so impressed by the web banner that he decided to give to the whole project including development. I didn’t regret that, Because I was looking for jobs. Then I went to my cousin to help me with the development. He was willing to do that. And that how I become a website designer.


But One website design didn’t make the person who I am today. I was too excited to offer website designs. I did some free project of my relatives and friends in order to gain some more experience. Then I applied that to submit some entries in contest. Luckily, I was doing great. Got some more projects.

Most of them are web and app design.


So, I’m getting more and more into UX/UI design as days are gone. And finally, able to deliver some products that are fully designed my me.

It’s not a success story. It’s a beginning of something potential.


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