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Planning and Process

The first and the most important part of a product design is planning. So try to give my best afford to come up with some good and effective plans. Normally I use sticky note to diversify the project into individual section. It making the process easy to understand.

Workstation And Gears

“Having a clean and minimal workstation can make a huge impact on the outcome” Of course you heard this before. And I also believe that, a clean workspace will help you to stay on focus. So I try to make it as distraction free as possible. And one more thing, investing on the things that bring you money the not an waste. I invested on the fastest computer I can afford in order to save my time and make my process smooth. If you ask me what does it cost, I would say “Everything”

Sketch & Brainstorm

Sketching is a really impactful step of UX design process. I normally try to avoid detail sketching because it will cost you more time, but you can convent it to something. Normally its good for brainstorming and gives you a basic structural view. Which help to find some flows.

User Flow & journey mapping

One of the most important step. Having a clear and understandable user flow also can give you a experience of using the product. User experience heavily depends on this process. So I try to put more time into those.


If you thing this is a child draw weird thing on a image then you are wrong my friend. That messy looking thing is called prototyping. And those wires are the wires that give user the ability to go one page to another. User can get full experience of a product  with a functional prototype. And all of this, can possible without any code. Yeah it cool. I know.


There are couple of ways to organize the product structure. The most common one is wireframing. Wireframes are the bone of human body. It shows the overall structure of the product. So its important to put some time into it.



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