So it’s Rafiul, I hope you already know it. BTW, I’ve been doing and learning UX/UI design for about 4 years now. I have learned pretty much all the fundamentals for UX design by myself, through research and practice. I’ve tried to push myself into this segment because I felt confident about myself, that I can bring the best out of me in this field.

I’ve started my journey of freelancing as a graphics designer like most of us. In the meantime, I was constantly looking for that comfort zone that will make me excited about. After working on pretty much all the segment in graphics design, I have finally landed on UX/UI.

For me, UX/UI is less design and more of a problem-solving thing. And one thing I do know in life, that humans are more capable of solving problems then preventing problems. So, by nature, I was born for this. To solve large problems with simple solutions.

Outside of works



Love the casual gaming. Trying to improve my competitive gaming skills

Film Making

Really enjoy film making. Always try to make some small vids here and there. But there is something big in the list.

Playing Guitar

Decent with my acoustic. Trying to practice more solo. Hopefully land on Electric soon.


Yeah, You heard it right. Love to cook. Specially the dishes mom hates.


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